Dundurn Behind the Covers

Dundurn Behind the Covers

Posted on September 22 by Kyle in Non-fiction, Teens
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Three of the most recent covers to come out of the Dundurn design department are Sadia, The 4 Year Olympian, and The Teen&;s Guide to Debating and Public Speaking. These books all feature illustrated covers but are aimed at vastly different audiences. Here are the upcoming books and what our designers had to say.

Sadia is Young Adult novel aimed at girls aged 12-15. To appeal to this audience we have presented the main characted around whom the central theme of the story unfolds: navigating highschool as a young muslim teenage girl with a love of basketball. Sadia is a strong and independent tomboy, and we tried to convey that through the expression on the young girl&;s face.

The 4 Year Olympian is geared toward an older audience and is the autobiography of an Olympic medalist. In it, Jeremiah Brown reveals the trials and tribulations of making it to the top of his sport within four years. For the illustration we used an outside designer hired by the author. It was very important to the author that the cover focus not only on him as an athlete, as he was part of a team. We love the simple yet effective way the illustrator found to represent his journey.

The title of The Teen&;s Guide to Debating and Public Speaking pretty much sums up its contents. We knew we had to make a cover that appealed to a teen audience. We (hopefully) achieved this by using a popping colour and on-trend fonts. I like the water-colour speech bubbles as they provide a bit of a spin on the flat vector graphics we&;re seeing everywhere.