Coffee and Books: An Intern's Pairings For Brews and Books

Coffee and Books: An Intern's Pairings For Brews and Books

Posted on June 20 by Kate
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No matter where you are, any avid reader knows that it’s crucial to have a book on them at all times. How you enjoy the book, however, is crucial, so why not enjoy it with your favourite coffee? Whether it is a mid-day coffee break, or that endless “just one more chapter” promise to yourself before bed, these coffee and book pairings are perfect to suit any type of reader, and all types of coffee lovers.      

  1. Instant coffee + The Man Who Carried Cash by Julie Chadwick
    To be in the best mood when reading this book, I suggest a cup of instant coffee sweetened to your preference to get the true Johnny Cash reading experience. While you read more about Cash and Saul, you’ll be able to taste the bitter and sweet nuances of their lives together. It’s no secret that Cash loved his coffee. He even brought a jar of instant coffee when he went to restaurants, and that’s some serious dedication, if I do say so myself.

  2. Cappuccino + Miss Confederation by Anne McDonald
    A little classiness never goes out of style, so a cappuccino with Miss Confederation goes perfectly together. Mercy Coles’ diary gives us a woman’s perspective on events that led up to Confederation. Cappuccinos have that hit of caffeine with fun and sophistication all brewed into one drink, which represents Mercy Coles and who she was – an adventurous, love-seeking woman in a time period of utmost importance for us.

  3. Caramel Frappuccino + Now You Know Canada by Doug Lennox
    A sweet and savoury treat is best for Now You Know Canada because in order to have ultimate fun, you’ll need both the sugar and caffeine in you. Doug Lennox gives us tons of trivia in this book, so you can definitely make this a caramel frap party for two and test each other’s knowledge. I mean, how can you truly answer “where the word Canuck came from” if you don’t have that extra kick in your brain?

  4. Double Espresso + Dead Air by David A. Poulsen
    You’re going to need the fastest hit of caffeine you’ve ever had if you want to stay up late to solve this mystery. Dead Air is a gripping book that follows Cullen and Cobb and their case to solve a series of threats to right-wing media figures. You’ll need to be as alert as possible if you want to solve this before Cullen and Cobb do, which is why a double espresso is your best bet when reading Dead Air

  5. Iced Coffee + After the Bloom by Leslie Shimotakahara
    For me, iced coffees are perfect for those who go against the norm (in this case, hot coffee), and iced coffee matches well with the main character, Rita, who takes matters into her own hands when her mother disappears. In the devastating web of family secrets that are unveiled, you’ll need this iced coffee on hand to chill your heart, and give you the perseverance (and caffeine kick) to make sure After the Bloom will be read in one day.


I always love to enjoy my books with the right coffee, and I think that these pairings come close to perfect, if I do say so myself. Of course, always brew the strength and amount of coffee to your liking, because how else will you truly become absorbed into your novel if you aren’t going to enjoy your coffee?