Blending Fiction and Real Events

Blending Fiction and Real Events

Posted on November 30 by Warren Kinsella
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Recipe For Hate is a work of fiction – but, these days, the events it describes may feel very real.

Far Right racists in positions of power. Violent clashes in our streets. Extremism being treated as virtue. All of those things take place in Recipe For Hate, a novel set in the late Seventies. But they are happening on a near-daily basis in 2017, too.

Other events chronicled in Recipe For Hate are based on real events. Without providing too many spoilers, the clash between progressive punk rockers and Far Right skinheads really did happen – from the U.K. to the U.S. The clandestine neo-Nazi terrorist cell at the centre the YA novel, the Brotherhood, really did exist – and terrorized the U.S. Pacific Northwest for much of the 1980s, carrying out a campaign of murder, bombings and robberies.

An anti-racist talk show host really was assassinated by far-Right killers in his Colorado driveway late one night. A former disc jockey who exposed a Nazi war criminal in Canada really was attacked, and blinded, at his Alberta home on another night.

And the event at the very end of the book – which describes the extent to which violent Far Right extremists have quietly seized positions of power – that happened, too.

I have been writing about the racist Right for three decades, in books like the bestselling Web of Hate. I have also been documenting ways in which progressives can push back against Rightist intolerance and extremism, in books like Fight The Right.

Recipe For Hate is the culmination of all that. And, as Quill and Quire has written, “its significance to contemporary life and social schisms is powerful and impossible to ignore.” 

Recipe For Hate is fiction, but it is about things that really happened, too.

And, sadly, are still happening.

Warren Kinsella

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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Warren Kinsella

Warren Kinsella is an author, musician, lawyer, and political consultant. His previous books include Recipe for Hate, book one in the X Gang series, and the national bestsellers Web of Hate and Party Favours. Warren plays bass in a punk rock group called SFH and runs the popular blog The War Room. He lives in Toronto.