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My memories of Winnipeg are always centred on its rivers. The mighty Assiniboine and Red Rivers shake hands in the City's downtown core. All around this famous junction are a storied blend of old and new buildings. A Union Station--smaller but every bit as regal as Toronto's railway masterpiece, the venerable Fort Garry Hotel, a state-of-the-art hockey arena for the City's NHL Jets plunked right where Timothy Eaton retail monolith used to stand. There is much to discovery in this jewel of the prairies--not the least of which is the famous Thin Air International Writers Festival.

Inside Dundurn with Lorena

Posted on October 19 by Kyle

“Ask me anything, I’m an open book,” says our production assistant, Lorena Gonzalez Guillen, “Just make me sound smart.”

Well, that won’t be difficult.  Lorena is one of the go-to people on our design and production team. You want to know what stage of design a book is in? Well, you should check the schedule, but Lorena is happy to help. She does, after all, do a little bit of everything on our design team.

Two Dundurn authors have been nominated for the Ontario Library Association’s Forest of Reading Awards in the Red Maple Category—Jennifer Dance for her novel Hawk, and David Poulsen for his novel And Then The Sky Exploded. Both authors have been nominated previously for their novels Red Wolf (Dance) and Old Man (Poulsen).

Purple Palette for Murder is the eighth book in the Meg Harris Mystery series, which began with the publication of the first mystery, Death’s Golden Whisper. When I started out on this journey with Meg, I had no idea where she would take me. I wasn’t even certain if it was going to be a series. But by the time I finished writing Death’s Golden Whisper, I knew I wanted to continue with Meg and see where life led her.