Chicago Book Launch for SOUTH at Pilsen Community Bookstore - Dundurn

Chicago Book Launch for SOUTH at Pilsen Community Bookstore

Celebrate the launch of Babak Lakghomi's newest book, SOUTH, in Chicago at the Pilsen Community Bookstore! Babak will be joined by writers Anne Yoder and Meghan Lamb.

SOUTH by Babak Lakghomi 

“A Lynchian descent into the paranoia and alienation of totalitarianism, South is a haunting and dreamlike novel” — SHELF AWARENESS

South is a hallucinatory reimagination of life in a world under totalitarianism, and an individual’s quest for truth, agency, and understanding.

B, a journalist, travels to the South of an unnamed desert country for a mysterious mission to write a report about the recent strikes on an offshore oil rig. From the beginning of his trip, he is faced with a cruel and broken landscape of drought and decay, superstitious believers of evil winds and spirits, and corrupt entities focused on manipulation and censorship. As he tries to defend himself against his unknown enemies, we learn about his father’s disappearance, his fading love with his wife, and his encounter with an unknown woman. A puzzle-like novel about totalitarianism, surveillance, alienation, and guilt that questions the forces that control us.