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TIFA Presents Tanya Turton: The Colours of Grief

Tanya Turton will be at the Toronto International Festival of Authors in conversation with Olivia Wenzel for The Colours of Grief panel. The main characters in both Jamaican author Tanya Turton’s Jade is a Twisted Green and Olivia Wenzel’s 1000 Coils of Fear are navigating the complex terrain of grief after the loss of a twin sibling, doing their best to pick up the pieces and step into their true identities.

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Jade is a Twisted Green by Tanya Turton 

For readers of Queenie and Honey Girl, a coming-of-age story about queer Black identity, love, passion, chosen family, and rediscovering life’s pleasures after loss.

Jade Brown, a twenty-four-year-old first-generation Jamaican woman living in Toronto, must find a way to pick up the pieces and discover who she is following the mysterious death of her twin sister.

Grappling with her grief, Jade seeks solace in lovers and friends during an array of hilarious and heartbreaking adventures. As she investigates some of life’s most frustrating paradoxes, she holds tight to old friends and her ex-girlfriend, lifelines between past and present. On the journey to turning twenty-five, she finally sees that she belongs to herself, and goes about the business of reclaiming that self.

Through a series of whirlwind love affairs, parties, and trips abroad, Jade stumbles toward relinquishing the weight of her trauma as she fully comes into her own as a young Black woman and writer. A RARE MACHINES BOOK