Maple Leaf Mystery Conference: Maple Leaf Murder West Panel - Dundurn

Maple Leaf Mystery Conference: Maple Leaf Murder West Panel

The Maple Leaf Mystery Conference is a reader-focused mystery conference this spring spotlighting our favourite Canadian mystery writers and providing skills-based workshops for new and emerging writers. Registration opens March 7th! The conference runs from May 24-28, 2022. 

In Rhino We Trust by Dave Butler

Parks Canada warden Jenny Willson has left Canada to join an American colleague on a secondment to assist Namibian authorities trying to stem the loss of the country’s rhinos to illegal hunting. But the plan takes a dramatic turn when Willson finds herself in the crosshairs of a conspiracy involving wildlife poachers backed by a shadowy network of international buyers prepared to eliminate any obstacles in their way, including Willson and her new team.

While the Namibian assignment allows Willson to sidestep personal and professional questions that remain unanswered back home, she quickly recognizes that her decision to leave the Canadian Rockies could have deadly ramifications.