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Horrific Humour: Doug Johnstone & David Whitton

Hear from writers Doug Johnstone and David Whitton about their latest horrifically humorous mystery novels. Scottish author Johnstone presents The Great Silence, book three in the addictive The Skelfs series. When the matriarch of the Skelf family discovers a human foot while walking the dog, a perplexing case presents itself to the darkly humorous family of funeral directors and private investigators.

Toronto-based David Whitton presents Seven Down, his quirky character-driven debut novel, about seven hotel employees puzzling out the events of a botched assassination attempt.

Meet the authors and learn what fuels their fascinating ideas and prompts them to blend comedy with crime.

Interviewer: TBD

Ticket Info:
Date & Time: June 5 at 4:30pm ET
Where: Studio Theatre in Harbourfront Centre’s main building
Duration: 60 minutes
Ticket prices: $16.50 – Regular; $12.50 – Youth; or Get the All-Access Pass

Seven Down by David Whitton

Seven ordinary hotel employees. Catering, Reservations, Management. Seven moles, waiting for years for a single code word, a trigger that will send them into action in a violent event that will end their dull lives as they know them.

The event has failed: the action was a disaster. Each employee is being debriefed by an agent of an invisible organization. These are the transcripts of those interviews. What they reveal is not just the intricate mechanism of an international assassination, but the yearnings inside each of its pawns, the desperation and secret rage that might cause any one of us to sign up, sell out, and take a plunge into darkness.

Both sinister and absurd, Seven Down is a puzzle to be solved, a comedy, and a panorama of life. At once sociological, satirical, and scary, it paints portraits of the mundane human failings behind geopolitical machinations.