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TIFA Presents: Love or Die Trying: Bob Ramsay

Bob Ramsay, the acclaimed communications consultant and founder of the speaker series RamsayTalks, presents his memoir, Love or Die Trying: How I Lost It All, Died, and Came Back for Love, at the Toronto International Festival of Authors.

About the book: 

A story of addiction and recovery, love and perseverance, and a reminder that it’s never too late to start over.

Bob Ramsay had it all — and lost it all, often. At forty, he lived in a drug treatment centre in Atlanta. Starting over back in Toronto, he began dating an older woman, a doctor named Jean Marmoreo, who had three teenage kids. The chances of this relationship lasting were zero. But they married and created a very different “out there” life for themselves, climbing mountains, running marathons, and exploring the ends of the earth.

Then one day Bob’s heart stopped, and life got much worse after it was restarted. But once again, perseverance and love won over fate, and today, Bob turns connection into an art form, while Jean Marmoreo is a MAiD doctor, leading her patients across the thin veil between life and death.

Love or Die Trying is a love story that unfolded against all odds and a reflection on a life anchored between a first death and the future.