TIFA Presents: By The Lake Book Club Featuring Lauren B. Davis - Dundurn

TIFA Presents: By The Lake Book Club Featuring Lauren B. Davis

Join author Lauren B. Davis, as she takes you on a journey of passion and compassion with her novel Even So, a story that explores loving difficult people, and the passion, guilt, forgiveness, and redemption they provoke. Hosted by TIFA and author Catherine Graham, the event will include a reading, discussion, and audience Q&A. 

About the book:

A novel that explores the challenge and necessity of loving difficult people.

Angela Morrison has it all. She’s married to a wealthy man, adores her son, grows orchids, and volunteers at Our Daily Bread Food Pantry. What more could she want? More — much more. And she’s willing to risk everything after meeting Carsten, the landscaper with the glacier-blue eyes.

Sister Eileen, who runs Our Daily Bread Food Pantry, struggles with the silence of God and harbours a secret she believes is unforgivable. She yearns to convince Angela she is loved by God, despite her selfishness and destructive behaviour, but in order for that to be authentic Eileen must learn to love her first, and that’s no easy task — especially after Angela causes a terrible tragedy. Through the crucible of their relationship, Angela and Eileen discover how caring for the most difficult among us and practising forgiveness, no matter how painful, opens a door to the miracle of transformation.