Persephone's Children Book Launch - Dundurn

Persephone's Children Book Launch

Join McNally Robinson as they celebrate the launch of Rowan McCandless's Persephone's Children: A Life in Fragments, presented as part of THIN AIR 2021: The Winnipeg International Writers Festival and featuring a conversation hosted by Whitney French.

The launch will be hosted live in the Atrium of McNally Robinson Booksellers, Grant Park, and will also be available as a simultaneous YouTube stream. The video will be available for viewing thereafter. Before arriving, please review details of how to attend physical events at the store.

About the book:

After years of secrecy and silence, Rowan McCandless leaves an abusive relationship and rediscovers her voice and identity through writing.

She was never to lie to him. She was never to leave him; and she was never supposed to tell.

Persephone’s Children chronicles Rowan McCandless’s odyssey as a Black, biracial woman escaping the stranglehold of a long-term abusive relationship. Through a series of thematically linked and structurally inventive essays, McCandless explores the fraught and fragmented relationship between memory and trauma. Multiple mythologies emerge to bind legacy and loss, motherhood and daughterhood, racism and intergenerational trauma, mental illness and resiliency.

It is only in the aftermath that she can begin to see the patterns in her history, hear the echoes of oppression passed down from unknown, unnamed ancestors, and discover her worth and right to exist in the world.