Probus Club of Collingwood Gateway presents Diana Bishop and her new book LIVING UP TO A LEGEND

Tue, March 21, 2017
490 Ontario Street
Collingwood, ON
L9Y 1N6

Diana Bishop recounts growing up in the shadow of her famous
grandfather, Canadian First World War flying ace Billy Bishop.
As a child, Diana Bishop showed up one day at school with a brown
paper bag. Inside was a large breastplate of some of the most precious
war medals on the planet, including the Victoria Cross. They belonged to
Canada’s most celebrated First World War pilot, Billy Bishop, and until
her family donated them to the Canadian War Museum, they had been
kept in her father’s underwear drawer. That day at school was the first
time Diana realized she was not growing up in an ordinary family.
Now, after more than two decades in Canadian media, Diana Bishop
looks back on her grandfather’s legacy and its profound influence over
her life, and also her father’s — the only son of Billy Bishop, who had so
much to live up to. Living Up to a Legend is a unique memoir that examines
Billy Bishop’s legacy through the eyes of one of the people who it
affected the most.

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