Algoma - Solemn Land - Dundurn

Algoma - Solemn Land

Published May 2023

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Breathtaking nature photographs capturing the rugged beauty of Algoma and the en plein air work of seven artists.

In late September 2021, seven talented Canadian landscape painters travelled north to Ontario’s Algoma District for what would become a remarkable artistic triumph. Under the leadership of internationally acclaimed nature and conservation photographer Gary McGuffin, southern Ontario-based artists Peter Adams, James Aitken, Mark Berens, Jonathan Houghton, Paul Nabuurs, Andrew Peycha, and Peter Taylor explored the gorgeous Montreal River region from McGuffin’s Four Way Lodge, an iconic retreat ideal for contemplative, creative, kindred spirits. Canada’s famed Group of Seven made similar treks into the Algoma wilderness between 1919 and 1923, a place where one can feel an intense, mystical connection to its eternal spirit that inspired ‘Solemn Land’ and other world-renowned Canadian impressionism landscape works.


Bryan Davies

Bryan Davies is a writer, commentator, and creative works consultant. Author of several hundred articles spanning history, law, sport, and politics, in 2013 he and Andrew Traficante co-founded Tagona Creative, a successful Canadian creative-works incubator. Bryan is also a founding partner with United Front Entertainment, a Canadian film distribution and content development enterprise. Bryan lives in Whitby, Ontario.

Gary McGuffin

Gary & Joanie McGuffin are internationally acclaimed explorers, conservationists, photographers, authors, and documentary filmmakers.

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May 2023
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