The Tanglewood Murders - Dundurn

The Tanglewood Murders

Published September 2010


Anger is simmering under the bucolic facade of Tanglewood vineyard… All Ben Taylor wants is to get away from the police force where he worked undercover for years. The RCMP has cleared his name in an Ottawa shooting, but that hasn’t cleared his conscience. He arrives anonymously at Tanglewood Farms in Southwestern Ontario, where he worked in his youthful summers. Back then, it was a simple family-run vineyard, but it is a far different place today. The farm has become the hub of a powerful family empire. When a body is discovered in a shack on the farm, Ben is drawn into the investigation. Meanwhile, the woman who was once the love of his life now lives as a recluse behind the darkened windows of the farmhouse. As she begins to reveal to Ben her own dark secrets, they become suspects in the eyes of the police, the migrant workers, and even each other.


David Weedmark

David Weedmark's first novel, The Tanglewood Murders, came from his experiences working with migrant farm workers in southwestern Ontario. His first poetry collection First Stirrings was honoured with a 2004 Governor General’s Award nomination. He lives either in downtown Ottawa or at a remote cabin in the Gatineau Hills of Quebec, depending on the season.

Book Details

September 2010
5.125x7.5 in
384 pp
September 2010
384 pp