Brockville - Dundurn


The River City

Published October 1997

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Brockville’s origins reach back to the resettlement of Loyalists following the American Revolution and the threat of American encroachment. Following the War of 1812, Brockville, along the St. Lawrence River, benefitted greatly from the rapidly expanding colonization. A centre for the political activity of the day and a focal point for the Orange movement, Brockville was often immersed in controversy.

The end of the 19th century was the golden age of patent medicine business and Brockville was home to two of the most successful, the W. H. Comstock Company and the G. T. Fulford Company. "Pink Pills for Pale People" were sold worldwide. Today, Brockville retains the charm of its heritage mansions and is home to a number of prominent industries.


Russ Disotell

Russ Disotell, born in Cornwall, Ontario, in 1952, has lived in various locations across Ontario. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Toronto.

Prior to entering the field of freelance writing he had a long career in the retail wine trade, where he earned certification for his wine knowledge from the Independent Wine Education Guild based in Great Britain. As well as being a wine enthusiast he is a "passionate" curler, cross-country skier and golfer.

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