The Acting Bug - Dundurn

The Acting Bug

Published September 1995


TV stardom – fame, fortune, and Hollywood! It’s the chance of a lifetime for Kate Merriman when she lands a small role in a new TV series called Backbeat.

But it’s less fun when Kate finds out her best friend Maria has turned down the part she’s been offered in the show. They’re always there for each other. How can Kate succeed when Maria’s not there to share this new adventure. And why doesn’t their friendship seem to work any more?

In her first novel in the Backbeat series, Kathryn Ellis provides a lively look into the world of TV shows – and close friendships.


Kathryn Ellis

Kathryn Ellis has written TV scripts for Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High and is author of two Degrassi novels, Maya and Joey Jeremiah.

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September 1995
6x9 in
137 pp
September 1995
137 pp