The Politics of Chaos - Dundurn

The Politics of Chaos

Published September 2003

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No one who lived through the painful era of the 1930s in Canada emerged unscathed. Nor, for that matter, did Canadian society remain untouched by the upheavals caused by the Great Depression. In The Politics of Chaos, H. Blair Neatby describes the variety of responses to the problems of that time. Part political study and part biography, The Politics of Chaos illustrates the diversity of responses to a particularly difficult decade, one that may be said to have ushered in the Canada of today and the ongoing debate about social issues.

In addition to a running commentary on the impact of the Depression, some of the political personalities discussed include R.B. Bennett, Mackenzie King, J.S. Woodsworth, Maurice Duplessis, Mitch Hepburn, and Bible Bill Aberhart.


H. Blair Neatby

H. Blair Neatby is Professor Emeritus in the History Department at Carleton University. In addition to the present volume, which began as a series of radio talks, he has authored a groundbreaking biography of Mackenzie King and has recently completed a history of the early years of Carleton University.

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September 2003
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