Let's Talk Wine! - Dundurn

Let's Talk Wine!

Published January 2003


By taking on more than 120 judiciously chosen questions about wine and answering them clearly and rigorously, Marc Chapleau has dared to go into areas where others have feared to tread. A memory aid and a research tool thanks to its comprehensive index, this book is by a Canadian writer about wine available in this country. Let’s Talk Wine! is an ideal companion for wine lovers, whether they are beginners or connoisseurs.


Marc Chapleau

Marc Chapleau is a well-known wine writer from Quebec. His extensive travels to wine-growing regions all over the world, his appearances at wine-tasting events as wine expert and master of ceremonies, and his hundreds of published wine columns, occasionally humorous but always passionate, have made him an important figure on the Canadian wine scene.

Vladimir Konieczny

Vladimir Konieczny is a freelance writer and a professional saxophone and bassoon player. He first heard Glenn Gould on the CBC during his teens, and he has remained a lifelong fan. The author of the children's title Struggling for Perfection: The Story of Glenn Gould, he lives on Pender Island, British Columbia.

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January 2003
6x9 in
200 pp
January 2003
200 pp