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The Perfect Home for a Long Life

Choosing the Right Retirement Lifestyle for You

Published May 2013


The Perfect Home for a Long Life responds to the anxieties of boomers and seniors about where to live when they grow old and their fears about ending up in a nursing home.

This book is designed to help people plan their future by providing creative and concrete examples of the many ways they can organize their living arrangements to support lives of quality and fulfillment throughout their retirement years. Housing needs are as individual as the residents themselves, and The Perfect Home for a Long Life guides the reader to discover what their needs are and how to fulfill them.

The Perfect Home for a Long Life looks at downsizing, modifying your home, and retirement communities, as well as innovative solutions such as cohousing, shared housing, supportive housing, along with a number of other creative options. The focus is on practical housing solutions and replicable ideas with insights into the benefits and challenges of each option. The ideas are illuminated through dozens of confidential interviews with seniors, who share insights into living arrangements that are working for them and why.

Combining practical lived experiences with research, tips and resources, The Perfect Home for a Long Life is an essential guide for anyone experiencing retirement or planning for the future.



Lyndsay Green

Lyndsay Green is a sociologist who has spent her career helpingĀ people use communications technologies for learning, working with groups as diverse as the World Bank, the National Film Board, andĀ the Inuit of Canada. She is Chair of the Board of Arts for Children and Youth, and Chair of the Advisory Board of the University of Toronto Art Centre.

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May 2013
5.25x7.75 in
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May 2013
240 pp