Bad Girls and Other Perils - Dundurn

Bad Girls and Other Perils

Published November 2010

$ 19.99


Come and walk the offbeat world of Mike Strobels popular column in the Toronto Sun. Meet the legendary panhandler Shaky Lady; the Weasel, who knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried; the secretive swinger Sexy Boots; the notorious Bicycle Bandit, who quit robbing banks, got a loan, and opened a bar; and Dr. Hook, the top doc whose professional fate rested on the cut of his jib. Youll also get a look at a fake orgasm champ, a practising witch turned beauty pageant queen, a boss cannonballer, and assorted other heroes, rogues, athletes, finks, politicos, celebrities, bureaucrats, sons, and lovers.

Each column in this collection is a mini-world, tight and bright.

Youll smile at Strobels take on the fads, fashions, morals, and hot topics of the day. Even the most serious issues are dissected and dispatched with often biting wit and cheek.

(Warning: If youre a Montreal Canadiens fan, do not read this book.)


Mike Strobel

Mike Strobel is a former editor-in-chief of the Toronto Sun, who came to his senses and returned to writing in 2002. He has won a dozen journalism awards and draws a million online views a year. Strobel's daily column is anchored in the Toronto Sun and often runs in Sun Media papers across Canada.

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November 2010
5.5x8.5 in
280 pp