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Now You Know Big Book of Sports

Published September 2009


Ever wonder where the figure skating terms axel, salchow, and lutz came from? Or why a curling tournament is called a "brier"? And how about a "haymaker" in boxing or a "high five" in any sport? Well, Doug Lennox, the world champion of trivia, is back to score touchdowns, hit homers, and knock in holes-in-one every time with a colossal compendium of Q&A athletics that has all anyone could possibly want to know from archery and cycling to skiing and wrestling and everything in between. What’s more, Doug goes for gold with a wealth of Winter and Summer Olympics lore and legend that will amaze and captivate armchair fans and fervent competitors alike.

  • What do the five Olympic rings and their colours represent?
  • Why does the winner of the Indianapolis 500 drink milk in victory lane?
  • Who was the first player ever to perform a slam dunk in a basketball game?
  • Why are golfers’ shortened pants called "plus-fours"?
  • When was the Stanley Cup not awarded?
  • Why does the letter k signify a strikeout on a baseball score sheet?
  • Where is the world’s oldest tennis court?


Doug Lennox

Doug Lennox was an internationally acclaimed broadcaster, a veteran character actor, a commercial voice artist, and a bestselling author. He has appeared in more than 60 films and television features, including X-Men, Police Academy, Lonesome Dove, and Against the Ropes, and shared screen time with Meg Ryan, Hugh Jackman, Burt Reynolds, Holly Hunter, Eric McCormack, Gary Oldman, and a myriad of others.

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September 2009
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September 2009
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