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Art and Politics

The History of the National Arts Centre

Published April 2009


Short-listed for the Ottawa Book Awards, 2010

This is the story of the creation and first four decades of one of Canada’s pre-eminent cultural organizations. While it documents the history of Canada’s National Arts Centre in Ottawa, it also tells the story of the arts in Canada from the 1960s to 2006. The story breaks down into three parts: the years of creation and early growth, fuelled by the talent and resources generated by Canada’s 1967 Centennial celebration; the turbulent middle years, marked by a dearth of funds and political disinterest; and finally the "renaissance," when the decision is made to restore and recast the organization to provide continuing benefit to the performing arts in Canada’s capital and the country at large.

Written in a documentary style, moving from episode to episode, the story is enriched by the personal memories of those who participated in it, including the leading artists, managers, officials, and politicians who were involved.



Sarah Jennings

Sarah Jennings is a journalist, commentator, and author. Her work has been featured on CBC and BBC, and in the Globe and Mail, the National and the Financial Post, and the Wall Street Journal. She was a lecturer at Carleton University’s School of Journalism for twelve years. She lives in Ottawa.

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April 2009
7x10 in
426 pp
April 2009
426 pp