For the Record - Dundurn

For the Record

The First Women in Canadian Architecture

Published March 2008


When Marjorie Hill graduated in 1920 as Canada’s "first girl architect," she was entering a profession that had been established in Canada just 30 years earlier. For the Record, the first history of women architects in Canada, provides a fascinating introduction to early women architects, presented within the context of developments in both Europe and North America.

Profiles of the women who graduated from the School of Architecture at the University of Toronto between 1920 and 1960 are illustrated with photographs of their work and include archival material that has never before been published.

The final chapter on contemporary women in architecture showcases contributions by leading women architects across the country, from Halifax to Vancouver to Iqaluit. For the Record also provides current information on schools of architecture in Canada and includes a list of other resources to encourage young women who are thinking of pursuing careers in architecture.



Joan Grierson

Joan Grierson graduated in 1948 from the School of Architecture at the University of Toronto and holds a master's in product design from the Chicago Institute of Design. The For the Record Committee organized an exhibit profiling 28 women architects who graduated from the University of Toronto between 1920 and 1960 and spearheaded the development of this book. Grierson lives in Toronto.

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March 2008
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March 2008
136 pp