A Kidnapped Mind - Dundurn

A Kidnapped Mind

A Mother's Heartbreaking Memoir of Parental Alienation

Published May 2006


How do we begin to describe our love for our children? Pamela Richardson shows us with her passionate memoir of life with and without her estranged son, Dash. From age five Dash suffered Parental Alienation Syndrome at the hands of his father. Indoctrinated to believe his mother had abandoned him, after years of monitored phone calls and impeded access eight-year-old Dash decided he didn’t want to be "forced" to visit her at all; later he told her he would never see her again if she took the case to court.

But he didn’t count on his indefatigable mother’s fierce love. For eight more years Pamela battled Dash’s father, the legal system, their psychologist, the school system, and Dash himself to try and protect her son - first from his father, then from himself. A Kidnapped Mind is a heartrending and mesmerizing story of a Canadian mother’s exile from and reunion with her child, through grief and beyond, to peace.


Pamela Richardson

Pamela Richardson started out modelling, acting in TV commercials, and styling film sets. By age 30 she was host of The Saturday Show, a weekly program in Vancouver. She has also worked at Toronto Life Fashion, Vacouver Magazine and Western Living. She lives with her husband, David, in Vancouver and continues her involvement with many school, community, and arts organizations.

Book Details

May 2006
6x9 in
312 pp
May 2006
312 pp