Sing a New Song - Dundurn

Sing a New Song

Portraits of Canada's Crusading Bishops

Published April 2006

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For the first time, Sing a New Song tells the stories of four Canadian bishops who pushed the envelope and changed the world. All have faced severe opposition; one was involved in the only Anglican schism in Canadian history; two jeopardized their careers; and one was voted the sixth most important person of the twentieth century whose world view has transformed the wider society. Over the last 150 years, George Hills, David Somerville, Douglas Hambidge, and Michael Ingham adopted unpopular causes with their eyes wide open. They were the men who fought for and won rights for aboriginals, women, and gays and lesbians.

In finely drawn and thoroughly researched biographies, Julie H. Ferguson weaves the bishops’ impact on society into Canada’s history while delivering compelling insights into their personal and spiritual lives. Meet this quartet of sharply contrasting and fearless bishops in Sing a New Song.



Julie H. Ferguson

Julie H. Ferguson, a successful author and speaker, has been writing about the Canadian submarine service since 1984. Julie's submarine articles have appeared in Legion magazine, Sea Power, USNI Proceedings, and elsewhere; her second submarine book, Deeply Canadian: New Submarines for a New Millennium, was published in 2000.

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April 2006
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264 pp