McCully's New Brunswick - Dundurn

McCully's New Brunswick

Photographs From the Air, 1931-1939

Published November 2005

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During the Great Depression, promoter, salesman, and pilot Richard Thorne McCully became an aviation pioneer, capturing much of the Maritime region from the air. Along with photographer Harold Reid and pilot Marty Fraser, McCully spent the early 1930s flying over Atlantic Canada. The photographs they took offer a rare glimpse into prominent homes, vibrant businesses, churches, farms and waterfronts that are no longer standing or have been significantly altered. Each photo has been annotated with the natural features, architecture, streetscapes, industries, sporting events and other pastimes, and colourful characters depicted.

These unique bird’s-eye views from 1931 to 1939 capture the feeling of that first day in May 1931 when McCully’s small twin-engine took off from the tiny Moncton airport.


Dan Soucoup

Dan Soucoup lives in Halifax and has been active in bookselling and publishing ventures for over 25 years. The author of numerous books including Historic New Brunswick, Glimpses of Old Moncton, and the bestselling Maritime Firsts, Soucoup writes a popular local history column, "Looking Back," for the Moncton Times & Transcript.

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November 2005
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