The Admirals - Dundurn

The Admirals

Canada's Senior Naval Leadership in the Twentieth Century

Published January 2006

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The Admirals: Canada’s Senior Naval Leadership in the Twentieth Century fills an important void in the history of Canada’s navy. Those who carry the burden of high command have a critical niche in not only guiding the day-to-day concerns of running an armed service but in ensuring that it is ready to face the challenges of the future. Canada’s leading naval historians present analytical articles on the officers who led the navy from its foundation in 1910 to the unification in 1968. Six former Maritime Commanders provide personal reflections on command. The result is a valuable biographical compendium for anyone interested in the history of the Canadian Navy, the Canadian Forces, or military and naval leadership in general.


Michael Whitby

Michael Whitby is a Senior Naval Historian at the Directorate of History and Heritage, DND, and co-author of The Official History of the Royal Canadian Navy in the Second World War.

Richard H. Gimblett

Richard H. Gimblett is command historian of the Canadian Navy and past president of the Canadian Nautical Research Society. A former serving officer, he is a contributor to volume 1 of the official history of the Royal Canadian Navy (1867-1939), and edited and contributed to The Naval Service of Canada, 1910-2010: The Centennial Story. He lives in Ottawa.

Peter Haydon

Peter Haydon is a Senior Research Fellow with the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies at Dalhousie University in Halifax. A long time commentator and analyst of Canadian naval affairs, his most important work is The 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis: Canadian Involvement Reconsidered.

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January 2006
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