Tyranny of Niceness - Dundurn

Tyranny of Niceness

Unmasking the Need for Approval

Published July 2005

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"I’ve got to stop being so nice." How often has Dr. Evelyn Sommers heard that from her clients over the years? The Tyranny of Niceness identifies and confronts our most fundamental social dysfunction - niceness. For over 15 years, Sommers, a Toronto psychologist, has treated many twisted lives created by being nice. She interweaves the case histories of her clients with her own observations to present a frightening, yet hopeful, picture of a society that promotes silence and obedience over individuality and honesty. Through her stories and analysis, we see that letting go of niceness, without being rude or uncivil, means a new way of relating to others and a new honesty with oneself.


Evelyn Sommers

Evelyn Sommers is a psychologist in private practice in Toronto and is the author of the book Voices from Within: Women Who Have Broken the Law, as well as a number of professional journal articles.

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July 2005
6x9 in
240 pp