D-Day - Dundurn


Juno Beach, Canada's 24 Hours of Destiny

Published March 2004


Many have called it the most important event of the twentieth century - and Canada played a key role. When Canadian troops landed at Juno Beach, they faced some of the fiercest opposition of the attack, and yet they managed to advance further inland than all the other Allied forces. D-Day: Juno Beach, Canada’s 24 Hours of Destiny chronicles that momentous day hour-by-hour, through the words of the men themselves. With more than 300 illustrations, this is a vivid remembrance of one of Canada’s greatest military achievements.


Lance Goddard

Lance Goddard has worked in television for nearly 20 years. His first book, D-Day: Juno Beach, Canada's 24 Hours of Destiny, accompanied the TV documentary of the same name, which he also produced, became an instant bestseller.

Book Details

March 2004
9x9 in
256 pp
March 2004
256 pp