The Devil's Paintbrush - Dundurn

The Devil's Paintbrush

A Novel

Published January 2003


Like any young man, Etienne longs for independence and dreams about a bright future. But he’s a Tourangeau, part of a sprawling Quebec family that, though destitute, thrives as insecurely as weeds in a well-tended garden, nurtured by a mother whose abundant love is more than maternal. Then he meets Odile, a beautiful young woman from a good family who inspires Etienne to transform his future into something worthy of her. But, like Romeo and Juliet, their wild, pure love for each other cannot last. Though Etienne faces his challenges courageously, destiny will force the young lovers apart.



André Brochu

Long recognized for his works of criticism, André Brochu's astounding body of work now includes poetry, short stories, novellas, and two novels. Several of his books have received prestigious literary honours, including the Governor General's Award for La croix du nord.

Alison Newall

Alison Newall, born and raised in Montreal, studied literature at McGill University, earning a BA and an MA. She has taught literature and writing, and has been working as a translator and editor for ten years.

Book Details

January 2003
5.5x8.5 in
236 pp
January 2003
236 pp