Legal & Financial Aspects of Architectural Conservation - Dundurn

Legal & Financial Aspects of Architectural Conservation

The Smolenice Castle Conference Central Europe

Published July 1997

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How do governments design their strategy for heritage property? What do they try to accomplish in their laws and their tax systems to favour the re-use of older buildings, districts, and cities? What institutional framework can assist the restoration of tourist designations and the conservation of neighbourhoods? In this international study, eighteen experts from ten countries describe the legal challenges and solutions relating to such property. Beyond a carefully described theoretical framework, actual case studies demonstrate how communities and countries can make adjustments to their legislation so that older buildings can be better protected

This book stems from an international conference at Smolenice Castle in Slovakia, in November 1994.


Marc Denhez

Marc Denhez is an Ottawa author and lawyer specializing in older buildings and their re-use. He has been published in seven countries and has won Canada's National Heritage Award and an award from the International Association of Business Communications.

Stephen Dennis

Stephen Dennis is a Washington lawyer with some twenty years' experience at the National Trust for Historic Preservation and as executive director of the National Center for Preservation Law.

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July 1997
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