Duffy's Regiment - Dundurn

Duffy's Regiment

A History of the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment

Published January 1987

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This is the gripping story of how one man’s half-century of service and devotion helped build and develop the Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment; and how that regiment played a vital role in Canada’s efforts during the Second World War. Angus Duffy was Regimental Sergeant-Major during the Second World War; commanding officer from 1958 to 1962, and Honorary Colonel from 1976 to 1981, an da man revered and respected for his tough but humane approach to leadership, and underlying belief that the common foot soldier was more important than the commissioned officer. Although he wasn’t commanding officer during the Second World War, there was little doubt that the Hastings & Prince Edward soldiers felt they were serving in Duffy’s Regiment.

Illustrated with a number of captivating war photos, Duffy’s Regiment is a detailed, and often touching look at the impact one man had on his regiment, and the incredible sacrifice of those men.



Kenneth B. Smith

Ken Smith saw action in Italy with the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment. On 23 May 1944, he was severely wounded leading his platoon into battle. On that day the Canadian 1st Division, including the Hasty P's, smashed through the German defences on what was called the Hitler line. Active at Regimental events since the war, Ken is now past president of the Officers Association. His long experience as a journalist serves him well in recording his regimental history.

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January 1987
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