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The Great Canadian Bucket List

One-of-a-Kind Travel Experiences

Available Apr 15th 2025

$ 29.99


Discover Canada’s most unique experiences as curated by renowned travel personality Robin Esrock!

Having reported from more than 110 countries on 7 continents, Robin Esrock has spent decades chasing the extraordinary. In this fully updated edition of his bestselling The Great Canadian Bucket List, Robin celebrates his adopted home, journeying to every province and territory to reveal the remarkable activities and destinations that you can only do in Canada.

Each chapter is packed with colourful descriptions, unforgettable characters, quirky trivia, and eye-popping photography. Spanning nature, adventure, culture, history, food, and the bizarre, the fully revised third edition packs in dozens of new and unusual experiences.

Get ready to:

  • Feel the hot breath of a polar bear
  • Sail among whales in the Galapagos of the North
  • Cycle across Prince Edward Island
  • Backcountry horse ride in the Rockies
  • Hike among musk ox beneath the midnight sun
  • Ice canoe across the St. Lawrence River
  • Taste the world’s most memorable cocktail
  • Float in Canada’s very own Dead Sea
  • And much more…
With storytelling, humour, and curiosity, this updated guide to the best of Canada explores experiences that are unique, instantly memorable, wholly inspirational, and waiting to be discovered.


Robin Esrock

Robin Esrock is a bestselling author, journalist, TV host, and public speaker. He is the author of the smash bestselling book series, The Great Canadian Bucket List, as well as international bestsellers The Great Global Bucket List, The Great Australian Bucket List, and 75 Places to Take the Kids (before they don't want to go). His stories and photography have appeared in major publications on five continents, including National Geographic Traveler, the GuardianChicago Tribune, and the Globe and Mail. The creator and co-host of the internationally syndicated television series Word Travels, Robin lives in Vancouver, B.C.

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April 2025
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440 pp
April 2025
440 pp
April 2025
440 pp