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Toronto Mayors

A History of the City's Leaders

Published August 2023


The first-ever look at all 65 Toronto mayors — the good, the bad, the colourful, the rogues, and the leaders — who have shaped the city.

Toronto’s mayoral history is both rich and colourful. Spanning 19 decades and the growth of Toronto, from its origins as a dusty colonial outpost of just 9,200 residents to a global business centre and metropolis of some three million, this compendium provides fascinating biographical detail on each of the city’s mayors.

Toronto’s mayors have been curious, eccentric, or offbeat; others have been rebellious, swaggering, or alcoholic. Some were bigots, bullies, refugees, war heroes, social crusaders, or bon vivants; still others were inspiring, forward looking, or well ahead of their time.

One Toronto mayor attempted to kill a predecessor, but his pistol jammed. Another simply beat up the councillors he didn’t like. One committed murder, while another carried out a home invasion. And under the threat of capture and certain death, two mayors were forced to escape the city and live for years in exile, while another had 18 kids and cried poor, yet died on a luxury European vacation (minus the kids). One mayor was involved in the brutal torture of an opposition candidate. Another went insane while in office due to acute third stage syphilis.

Each mayor is the inheritor of a rich legacy of hopes and dreams, ambitions and efforts, successes and failures. From the first mayor in 1834 — the firebrand rebel William Lyon Mackenzie — to those of the 21st century — Mel Lastman, David Miller, Rob Ford, and John Tory — Toronto Mayors looks at where each came from, how they came to lead the city, what issues they dealt with, and how they steered Toronto’s City Council.



Mark Maloney

Mark Maloney is a government relations professional specializing on the City of Toronto, and has worked closely for three of Toronto’s mayors. He has also been a municipal affairs reporter and served as an Ottawa City Councillor and Board of Health chair. He lives in Toronto.   

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August 2023
6x9 in
560 pp
August 2023
560 pp
August 2023
560 pp