Once Upon a Time - Dundurn

Once Upon a Time

An Inspector Green Mystery

Published September 2022


In this second tightly paced police procedural in the award-winning series, Inspector Green is drawn into a case with a suspicious link to the past.

When an old man dies a seemingly natural death in a parking lot, only Inspector Michael Green finds it suspicious. A search of the deceased's isolated house turns up an old tool box with a hidden compartment containing a German ID card from World War II. As well, his family seems to be harbouring secrets and withholding valuable information from the police.

Was the victim a Jewish camp survivor or a Nazi soldier trying to escape imprisonment? Could someone have tracked him down for revenge? Even Green, with all his experience, could never have imagined that the truth would come so close to his own life.


Barbara Fradkin

Barbara Fradkin is a retired psychologist who is fascinated with why people turn bad. She is the author of the Amanda Doucette series and the critically acclaimed Inspector Green novels. She lives in Ottawa.

Book Details

September 2022
276 pp
September 2022
5x8 in
276 pp
September 2022
276 pp