Do or Die - Dundurn

Do or Die

An Inspector Green Mystery

Published September 2022


Fans of Louise Penny and Michael Connelly, meet exasperating homicide detective Michael Green in this gripping police procedural.

Ottawa homicide inspector Michael Green is absolutely obsessed with his job, a condition that has almost ruined his marriage several times. When the biggest case of his career comes up, his position, his relationships, and several lives are put in grave danger. A young graduate student, the scion of a rich family, is found expertly stabbed in the stacks of a university library, but no one seems to have the slightest idea why.

As Green probes into the circumstances of the young man’s life, a tangled web of jealousy and intrigue is revealed. Green finds himself in the middle of a rivalry in the delicate arena of university politics, where gigantic egos regularly collide. Was it the diligent but socially inept researcher or the macho ladies-man golden boy of the laboratory? Or was it a crime of passion involving the over-protective family of his beautiful new girlfriend? When the murderer strikes again, Green realizes that he must waste no time in solving the case, no matter what the consequences may be.


Barbara Fradkin

Barbara Fradkin is a retired psychologist who is fascinated with why people turn bad. She is the author of the Amanda Doucette series and the critically acclaimed Inspector Green novels. She lives in Ottawa.

Book Details

September 2022
272 pp
September 2022
5x8 in
272 pp
September 2022
272 pp