The Walking Shadows 3-Book Bundle - Dundurn

The Walking Shadows 3-Book Bundle

Night Call / Midnight / Dark All Day

Published March 2023

$ 15.99


Book #1 — Night Call
In a very different 1933, self-styled detective Elias Roche and his robot partner, Allen, immerse themselves in the criminal underworld to find the killer and hopefully prevent war on New York’s streets when a murder occurs that not only threatens both the police and the mafia but appears connected to Roche’s past.

Book #2 — Midnight
Dodging the mafia, the cops, and the FBI, Elias Roche and Allen must find a killer with both a time limit and a looming war hanging over their heads.

Book #3 — Dark All Day
With the threat of Automatic extinction on the line, proving the innocence of Charles, an Automatic charged with murder, is one of the most important cases Roche and Allen will ever undertake.



Brenden Carlson

Brenden Carlson is a chemist and freelance writer. His debut novel and the first in the Walking Shadows Series, Night Call, released in 2020. He lives in Hamilton, Ontario.

Book Details

March 2023
1080 pp