An Unrecognized Contribution - Dundurn

An Unrecognized Contribution

Women and Their Work in 19th-Century Toronto

Published October 2022


A treasure trove of incredible lives lived.
— RICK MERCER, comedian and author

Muir sets out to restore the faces of women who worked and struggled in nineteenth-century Toronto. A fascinating read.
— WARREN CLEMENTS, author and publisher

Emphasizes the enormously influential role women had in laying the groundwork for life in the city today.
— DR. ROSE A. DYSON, author of Mind Abuse: Media Violence and Its Threat to Democracy

Women in nineteenth-century Toronto were integral to the life of the growing city. They contributed to the city’s commerce and were owners of stores, factories, brickyards, market gardens, hotels, and taverns; as musicians, painters, and writers, they were a large part of the city’s cultural life; and as nurses, doctors, religious workers, and activists, they strengthened the city’s safety net for those who were most in need.

Their stories are told in this wide-ranging collection of biographies, the result of Muir’s research on early street directories and city histories, personal diaries, and other historical works. Muir references over four hundred women, many of whom are discussed in detail, and describes the work they undertook during a period of great change for Toronto.



Elizabeth Gillan Muir

Elizabeth (Liz) Gillan Muir has taught Canadian history at Waterloo University and the University of Toronto. She has written extensively about women in Upper Canada and recently published a history of Riverdale, Toronto. Elizabeth holds degrees from Queen's University, the Harvard Business School, and a Ph.D from McGill University. She lives in Toronto.

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October 2022
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October 2022
272 pp
October 2022
272 pp