Ontario Wildlife Photography - Dundurn

Ontario Wildlife Photography

Published November 2021

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This stunning collection of wildlife photography features moose, turtles, dragonflies, shorebirds, hawks, and songbirds from the marshlands of Point Pelee to the wilderness north of Lake Superior.

Explore parks and trails where colourful birds and turtles live. Behold wetlands where moose browse. Delight in vibrant butterflies and bumblebees that pollinate wildflowers. Discover all this and so much more as you travel across the province through the pages of Ontario Wildlife Photography. From the Ottawa Valley and the Frontenac Arch in the east to the shores of Lake Huron in the west, and from areas north of Lake Superior to Canada’s southernmost destination on Lake Erie, Ontario Wildlife Photography immerses you in outstanding photography from an appealing array of locations.

Learn why trout depend on healthy forests, the secrets of colourful salamanders, where to find shorebirds and herons, and so much more. This timeless book of acclaimed wildlife photographs inspires discovery and conservation and also makes a beautiful and meaningful gift.


Noah Cole

Noah Cole of GreenRavenPhotography.com believes that for people to enjoy the inherent benefits and understand the importance of protecting nature and wilderness, we have to see and appreciate the beauty of the wild that exists today. Since the early 1980s, Noah has enjoyed being connected to nature through canoeing, exploring trails, going for hikes, birdwatching, identifying species, and visiting old-growth forests from Point Pelee to Pickle Lake and Temagami to Quetico in Ontario. Noah first heard the call of the loon and learned to camp in Algonquin. Noah travels across Canada and across borders to show images of nature, wilderness, wildlife, and the human impact on the environment as seen through the lens.

Book Details

November 2021
8.5x11 in
184 pp
November 2021
184 pp