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Steven Truscott

Decades of Injustice

Published July 2021

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Steven Truscott was fourteen years old in 1959 when an Ontario court sentenced him to hang for a brutal murder he didn’t commit.

In June 1959, the dead body of a missing twelve-year-old girl named Lynne Harper was found in a woodlot in Clinton, Ontario, a small community near a military base.

Police zeroed in on Steven Truscott, a fourteen-year-old classmate who gave Lynne a bike ride the night she was murdered. Steven maintained his innocence throughout a tough police interrogation and a speedy trial.

Despite a lack of physical evidence connecting him to the crime, a court convicted Steven of murder and a judge sentenced him to hang.

The sentence was commuted, and doubts grew about the case. New research pointed to a wrongful conviction — a conclusion that gave Steven hope as he fought to clear his name.

A shocking story about a terrible crime in a small-town and the awful miscarriage of justice that followed.


Nate Hendley

Nate Hendley is a journalist and author. His books include The Boy on the Bicycle, The Big Con, and Bonnie and Clyde. Nate lives in Toronto.

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July 2021
80 pp