My Name Is Not Harry - Dundurn

My Name Is Not Harry

A Memoir

Published September 2023


“A distinctive and insightful perspective on being Muslim in the post-9/11 world.” — Charles Taylor

Veteran Toronto Star editor Haroon Siddiqui, brown and Muslim, has spent a life on the media front lines, covering conflicts both global and local, and tracked rising xenophobia.

Canada has no official culture. It follows that there's no standard way of being Canadian, beyond obeying the law. Toronto Star editor Haroon Siddiqui shows how Canada let him succeed on his own terms.

Coming from India in 1967, he didn't do in Rome as some Romans expected him to. He refused to forget his past. He didn't change his name, didn't dilute his dignity, didn't compromise his conscience or his dissident views. Championed immigration and multiculturalism when that was not popular. Upbraided media colleagues for being white-centric, Orientalist. Pioneered cross-cultural journalism, bridging divided communities. Insisted it was un-Canadian to use free speech as a licence for hate speech. Opposed the limitless American war on terror, the invasion of Iraq, the long war on Afghanistan. Exposed how liberals could also be narrow-minded and nasty.

Here he shares such journalistic forays into the corridors of power, war zones, and cultural minefields. He also takes the reader along his personal journey from British colonial India to the evolution of Canada as the only Western nation where skin colour is no longer a fault line.



Haroon Siddiqui

Haroon Siddiqui is editorial page editor emeritus of the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest paper, and a senior fellow at Massey College. A member of the Order of Canada, he has covered or supervised coverage of Canada for fifty years through ten prime ministers, and also reported from fifty nations, including his native India. He lives in Toronto.

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September 2023
6x9 in
472 pp
September 2023
472 pp
September 2023
472 pp