Money Like You Mean It - Dundurn

Money Like You Mean It

Personal Finance Tactics for the Real World

Available Jan 4th 2022

$ 21.99


Wrestle debt to the ground. Figure out whether you should rent or buy. And determine if a side hustle is really worth the hassle.

Get a job, buy a house, spend less than you make, and retire at sixty-five. That’s advice for a world that has largely disappeared. Even good jobs today often have no guarantee of stability. Home prices have reached the stratosphere. Meanwhile, student debt drags you down just as you're trying to take off in life.

To survive and thrive in today’s reality, you need a whole new personal finance toolkit.

Global News money reporter Erica Alini blends the big picture with practical advice to give you a deeper understanding of the economic forces that are shaping your financial struggles and how to overcome them.

Packed with concrete tips, Money Like You Mean It covers all the bases: from debt through investing and retirement to renting vs. buying and how to tell whether a side gig is really worth the effort. It’s the essential road map you need to make it in the current economy.



Erica Alini

Erica Alini is the money reporter at Global News, where she writes the wildly popular newsletter Money123. She was also the face and creator of the network’s Money123 personal finance series, which aired on Global National every Saturday evening for nearly two years. She lives in Toronto.

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January 2022
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