Autonomy - Dundurn


Available Feb 8th 2022

$ 23.99


In a near future ravaged by illness, one woman and her AI companion enter a dangerous bubble of the superrich.

In 2035, a fledging synthetic consciousness “wakes up” in a lab. Jenny, the lead developer, determined to nurture this synthetic being like a child, trains it for work with people at the border of the American Protectorate of Canada. She names it Julian.

Two years later, Slaton, a therapist at a university, is framed by a student for arranging an illegal abortion. She follows the student to America and is detained at the border, where she meets Julian in virtual space. After a week of interviewing, he decides to stay with her, learning about the world, the human condition, and what it means to fall in love. Meanwhile, a mysterious plague is spreading across the world. Only the far-seeing and well-connected Julian can protect Slaton from the impending societal collapse.

Autonomy is an ambitious, philosophical novel about the possibilities for love in a world in which human bodies are either threatened or irrelevant.



Victoria Hetherington

Victoria Hetherington is a writer and poet. Her first novel, Mooncalves, was nominated for the Amazon First Novel Award 2020. She lives in Toronto.

Book Details

February 2022
5.5x8.5 in
272 pp