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The Quarantine Review, Issue 3

Published September 2020

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The third issue of a digital journal created to alleviate the malaise of social distancing with exceptional writing and artwork.

The Quarantine Review celebrates literature and art, connecting readers through reflections on the human condition — our lived experiences, afflictions, and dreams. As we face a pandemic with profound implications, the essays within offer a variety of perspectives on the current predicament, encouraging readers to reflect on the world we knew before and contemplate how society can be reshaped once we emerge. Through The Quarantine Review, Dupuis and Sarfraz hope to give voice to the swirling emotions inside each of us during this unprecedented moment, to create a circuit of empathy between the reader, the work itself, and the wider world beyond the walls of our homes.

This issue features writing by Eric Chase Anderson, Jill Andew, Keisha N. Blain, Roseanne Carrara, Khadijah Kanji, David Leonard, Wajahat Mahmood, Tsedale M. Melaku, Jeff Parent, Harsh Trivedi, Andrew Wilmot, and artwork by Nicola Woods.


Sheeza Sarfraz

Sheeza Sarfraz is a writer and editor who loves creating fresh, engaging, and reader-driven stories. Sheeza also consults and manages publishing for non-profit organizations. She is glad to be self-isolating at home in Toronto.

J.J. Dupuis

J.J. Dupuis writes fiction, poetry, and satire. When not in front of a computer, he can be found haunting the river valleys of Toronto, where he lives and works.

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September 2020
44 pp