Like Animals - Dundurn

Like Animals

Translated byCayman Rock
Available Apr 12th 2022

$ 21.99


Too much sex in the city: a young woman goes into a self-destructive spiral after becoming obsessed with a downtown Montreal hipster.

Reality, that speedy bitch, is catching up to me.

In downtown Montreal, everyone is in a band or making a movie. Philomena Flynn and her best friend, Tania, are living fast and hard — there is sex when and where you want it, as well as drugs of all kinds. Not enough work, but lots of parties. Cute boys or nice boys, but rarely both at once. Philomena has no idea how to protect herself from her roaring feelings, and goes into a spiral of self-destruction when her heart is broken. Too bad for Tania. Too bad for her dad. Too bad for boys who are too nice to her, and too bad, above all, for Philomena.

Like Animals is a glimpse into the raucous, sex-filled lives — filled with self-doubt and euphoria — of young, creative people who are more sensitive than their cool facades will admit.




Eve Lemieux

Eve Lemieux is a multidisciplinary artist based in Montreal.

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April 2022
5x7 in
168 pp