Aquariums - Dundurn


Available Mar 1st 2022

$ 21.99


An intimate yet wide-sweeping story of a marine biologist working to save ocean ecosystems from climate change.

With the world’s oceans ravaged by climate change, Émeraude, a young marine biologist, works to preserve aquatic ecosystems by recreating them for zoos. When her work earns her a spot aboard a research vessel with an extended mission in the arctic, it is the inescapable draw of the ocean that will save her when the world she leaves behind is irrevocably changed.

Stories of Émeraude’s ancestors — a young sailor abandoned at birth, a conjure woman mixing potions for her neighbours, a violent young man hiding in the woods to escape an even more violent war, and a talented young singer born to a mother who cannot speak — weave their way through her intimate reflections on a modest life, unknowingly shaped by those who came before.



J.D. Kurtness

J.D. Kurtness won the Indigenous Voices Award for French Prose in 2018 for De vengeance. She lives in Montreal.

Pablo Strauss

Pablo Strauss has translated many works of Quebec fiction into English. He grew up in Victoria, B.C., and has lived in Quebec City for fifteen years.

Book Details

March 2022
5x7 in
176 pp