The Shaytan Bride - Dundurn

The Shaytan Bride

Available Sep 7th 2021

$ 23.99


The true story of how one woman faced the jinns that tried to shape her fate and escaped her forced wedding.

Sumaiya Matin was never sure if the story of the Shaytan Bride was truth or myth. When she moved from Dhaka, Bangladesh, to Thunder Bay, Ontario, at age six, visions of this devilish bride followed her. At first, the Shaytan Bride seemed to be the monster of fairy tales. However, in the weeks leading to Sumaiya’s own wedding, she discovers that the story — and the bride herself — are much closer than they seem.

The Shaytan Bride is the true coming-of-age story of a girl who suddenly finds herself unravelling the complexities of identity and desire in both the physical and spiritual worlds. As she encounters the best and worst in people, she must decide what she wants for herself and who she wants to become. Sumaiya Matin’s life in love and violence is a testament to the strength of the heart and one woman’s willpower in facing the complicated fallout of her decisions.


Sumaiya Matin

Sumaiya Matin is a writer and a strategic advisor for the Ontario government, working on anti-racism initiatives. She lives in Toronto.

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September 2021
5.5x8.5 in
360 pp