Side Effects - Dundurn

Side Effects

Your Lopsided Brain and Everyday Life

Available Mar 15th 2022

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Make better choices by understanding how right-brain and left-brain differences influence our habits, thoughts, and actions.

Human behaviour is lopsided. When cradling a newborn child, most of us cradle the infant to the left. When posing for a portrait, we tend to put our left cheek forward. When kissing a lover, we tend to tilt our head to the right. Why is our behaviour so lopsided and what does this teach us about our brains? How can we use this information to make our images more attractive and impactful? Can knowing how left-brain right-brain differences shape our opinions, tendencies, and attitudes help us make better choices in art, architecture, advertising, or even athletics?

Side Effects delves into how lateral biases in our brains influence our everyday behaviour, and how you can use this information to your advantage.


Lorin J. Elias

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March 2022
6x9 in
248 pp