Dark All Day - Dundurn

Dark All Day

Available Jun 28th 2022

$ 17.99


In an alternate 1933, a sleuth and his robot partner are pitched in a legal battle that will decide the fate of the world’s machine population. “This writer is definitely one to watch” (The Globe and Mail).

Entrenched in Manhattan’s Lower City, Elias Roche of Hands-On Investigations is called to the Upper City to investigate the first murder on the Plate. Charged with the murder of its employer, an Automatic named Charles has asked Elias Roche and Allen for help proving its innocence. With this crime being the first of its kind in history, and without precedents to work with, Roche and Allen must search for the truth amidst a web of conspiracy and lies. Failure to prove Charles’s innocence will result in the entire Automatic race, including Allen, being extinguished from the face of the earth.



Brenden Carlson

Brenden Carlson is a chemist and freelance writer. He lives in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Book Details

June 2022
5x8 in
352 pp