A Strange Kind of Comfort - Dundurn

A Strange Kind of Comfort

Published January 2020


Secrets cannot stay buried forever

In the town of Ross Prairie, Caroline Webb and Sarah Bilyk are bound by family, duty, and a decades-old act of betrayal. On opposing sides of a long-simmering feud between their husbands’ families, the two women meet again after years of estrangement when Caroline moves into the same nursing home as Sarah’s father.

Seeing each other sparks memories — of young love and the path to a fateful summer day that changed everything. Together, Caroline and Sarah uncover a truth that alters their lives forever, proving that love will overcome heartache and that friendship survives time.



Gaylene Dutchyshen

Gaylene Dutchyshen has written articles for regional newspapers and, with her husband, raised three children on a cattle and grain farm. She lives along the Valley River near Gilbert Plains, Manitoba.

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January 2020
5.5x8.5 in
336 pp
January 2020
344 pp